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Michael Del Riego

The Killing Joke

My Background

I was raised to appreciate life, and the love, beauty and mystery that surrounds us everyday. As a child, my insatiable imagination was fueled by movies, art, and novels. This imagination never left me and now inspires my work. Where you see a quiet beach, I see JAWS. Where you see a green light, I see The Great Gatsby.

Enchanted Things.


What drew me to film, art and novels as a child, now draws me to capture the life around me through photography. When I see something that evokes a certain emotion from me, I capture it with my camera. Photography inspires me to do more, to see more, and to be more. 



I believe every photo has a story to tell. A photo of a sunset is special because it is never the same twice. A photo of couple dancing at their wedding tells the story of past, present and future love and devotion. A photo of a puppy and his human tells the story of unconditional friendship for years to come. I invite you to see the stories I have captured as well as granting me the honor of capturing your story.

Let's bring your vision to life

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